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YANITSA ET – 1994. In 2005 it is transformed in 2 companies – MASTER LTD and YANITSA LTD.



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MINITEC - official distributor




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Minitec company produces modular systems with proved quality and flexibility which are used for automation, engineering and construction.


  • Profile systems
  • Linear systems
  • Transporters
  • Solar technologies



THK - official distributor 
CATALOG of guide rails Ct grade


The company tha invented the linear guide is staple for high quality and precission of components for linear movements

The main product groups are:

  • Linear guides
  • Ball screw drves
  • Linear stages 


Linear and assembly technologies
ISEL - official distributor




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Isel company divides its activities into four main areas which allow flexible finding all kinds of solutions from linear and space to complex CNC systems.


Linear technique

  • aluminum profiles
  • linear guide
  • ball screws
  • linear module with ball screw or belt drive



  • Servo and stepper motors
  • Drivers and CNC controllers
  • Encoders and sensors
  • Industrial computers



  • CAD/CAM решения 
  • Software



  • 3-5 axis NC and CNC systems
  • Rotating and positioning tables


CSLAB - official distributor







CSLAB is a producer of motion controles for CNC machine tools controlled by the famous Mach software. The controll is completely integrated into the Mach3 through a plugin.The connection between the computer and the controller is ethernet based.


Motion controller CSMIO-IP/M - for machine tools wit up to 4 axes

Motion controller CSMIO-IP/S - for machine tools wit up to 6



FASTECH - official distributor




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Company’s activity is focused on the creation and development of new technologies in the field of servo drives with DSP technology. The main part of the company’s products is: The main part of the company’s products is:


  • Step-loop control
  • Microstepping control










Trio Motion Technology is a company that provides high performance motion control technology. It manufactures flexible and economical solutions for motion control applications, enabling control of complex high speed automation, machine control and robotics in most industries throughout the world.


Trio does not sell servo drives or motors preferring instead to provide the interfaces required to enable you to choose motors and drives to best suit you your requirements.


Key solution product is the Motin Coordinator that provides both controlling and communication means for building your machines. This is achieved through expansion modules with different industrial control network standards such as EtherCAT, standard I/O as well as HMIs completing the full set of the needed control hardware.


Motion Perfect’s software package is a diverse and powerful tool allowing the automation engineer to program and implement the target solution through IEC 61131-3 control languages or the Multi-Tasking BASIC language which allows for several programs to be running concurrently.


Among the many possible applications are: Assemly, Coil Wrapping, Cut to Length, Packaging, Inspection, Bending and many others.


Trio also provides software tool for CNC control as well as ActiveX components for customer build software application.


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