They are produced in a wide variety of sizes and materials. They find a broad range of applications in the transportation of consumer goods, finished products, packaging, and logistics. They are suitable for material handling within enclosed spaces.

Roller conveyors can be divided into motorized (with an electric motor) and non-motorized types, relying on manual pushing or gravity for movement.
Belt conveyors are devices with intermittent or continuous action for the horizontal or inclined transportation of bulk products and packages. They are one of the most commonly encountered types of conveyors in the industry and are used for moving a wide variety of products. They can be manufactured in different lengths and widths.
Elevator systems are highly advantageous when it comes to maximizing space in production. By moving products vertically, you optimize space utilization. Furthermore, many product processing processes require the products to be lifted and fed into various modules such as filling machines, dosing equipment, and others.
Flat-top chain conveyors
This type of conveyors offers unlimited possibilities for configurations and layouts. They are suitable for transporting boxes, bottles, and various packaged products. They can be manufactured in various lengths and widths. The plates can be made of plastic or steel with different widths.
Modular chain conveyors
Modular belt conveyors are composed of individual segments or modules linked together. This design allows for flexibility and easy adjustment of the length or configuration of the belt, depending on the specific needs of the application. Conveyor systems with modular belts are widely used in industrial settings for transporting goods, products, and materials of various shapes and sizes.
The transfer system is designed for transporting work pallets with loads. It features standardized modular blocks that can be combined in various ways to create a comprehensive system. The modular design allows for the efficient utilization of production resources. All components are designed to be reliable and ensure high operational safety.
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